1. My kids, high on coke. They had their first ever Coca-cola tonite @splendourinthegrass #wheninrome

  2. No shortage of humans @splendourinthegrass

  3. It’s amazing how much the grass grow in just a few hours, might have something to do with the legend watering it @mickhughesy

  4. Craft Up!

  5. Today’s job description: Bus Gardener @splendourinthegrass

  6. Found this wee #FiretailFinch on my run this evening, must’ve met its fate on a car windscreen. I nearly flattened it as I ran through the grass but as luck has it she ended up coming home with me. The kids and I marveled at her pocket-sized beauty, she barely weighs an ounce. My freezer’s death toll= 7! #anotherdeadbird #trending #lifeanddeath #General’sCharcoalPencilmadeinJerseyCitypurchasedinRuralAustralia!!

  7. #Feather #Draw

  8. Scene Report #fireside #kids #chickens #cat #chaos

  9. Fat Animal #hermanmillerfabric #shoesinthestyleofWalterWhite #BreakingBad

  10. You got to use what you got to get just what you want #digthatmess #handmadeembroideredpatch

  11. Furnishing the #SplendourInTheGrass craft tent with some of my beloved plants. First phase of pot painting in progress. #ILoveNY (at LES, NSW)

  12. This autobiographical mug handmade by the incredible potter, @GerryWedd. Thanking @andrewkidman for this belated bday surprise. Love it so much I had to make a collage 😋

  13. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite humans on the planet @theheavyjamz! I did this portrait to accompany an interview for the @theartpark journal a couple years back. Cheers matey!!

  14. Had to regram this from @andrewkidman, a fleeting moment in the history of my life. Pioneer airbrush artist and gentleman Martyn Worthington, spraying a humpback on a board shaped by @andrewkidman for me in 2002. I was so taken by his technique and precise execution, a master indeed. I miss my #Hawaii tee and everyday use of that #NikonFM2

  15. Newest edition. #pleasedontbearooster